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"The vigil is the watch of the dead at nigth, in case of home catafalque, it lasts till the funeral. A vigil usually takes for one or two nights. Its reason is partly the fear from the dead, partly the respect towards it. It is an occasion of social gathering. It was a common custom throughout the entire country of Hungary. Usually relatives, fellows, friends and neighbours went for a vigil, but anybody else could go without an invitation."


"The vigilants spend their time with praying, talking, singing or telling stories. The vigil is led by one or two men or women, specialised for this purpose. The professional vigilants possess their own collection of songs, from which they choose the ones that match the dead or the case of death the most. Various vigil songs ranged, one could find everything from middle-ages songs through 16th Century historical songs and folk songs to songs that cantors created using folk elements. Most of the lyrics are moralizing, resembling to dirges, talking in first person, however rhyming and meaning more conventionally. Part of the lyrics is set, that is it meant to be sung with the same melody, but much more common is the moving lyrics, where different words accompanied the same melodies."

"The vigilants eat bread and baked roll, they drink spirits and liquors, less frequently they drink wines with the mourners and those gathered. The food and beverages are presented to the dead as well. Meanwhile they bid farewell to the departing spirit, making him sure that he will never be forgotten."

Our story started when Scrofa, Conjurer of the Dead, felt he was in need in assistance, expert fellowmen, for the last honours of the departed, and for the care of their souls. He sought out Szkrobek, Seer of the Dead, who posesses extraordinary capabilities, and Tomusin, legendary Escort of the Dead, so the three would form the company of The Vigilants. Their powers, their abilities work together, it became possible that they conjure the wandering souls, make them visible, bring them among us, and then escort them to their final resting place. They lit the candles of vigil, by the flickering lights of which it became obvious: great numbers of wandering souls surround us. Our heroes began to work, they started their row of joint vigils, for which they sought ancient melodies, archaic texts, they mixed them with contemporary sentences, rhythms and musical motives. For the advanced, yet distant-sounding, they sought for the help of skilled mourners. And slowly it all came together... the image... the sound... the word... the song...

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